QBM Vending
Your partner for vending machines

Founded in Turin (Italy) in 2010 as a sole proprietorship, QBM Vending has evolved over the years, becoming in 2017 a structured company with a strong international volition, whose clients come from all over Europe, Asia and North Africa.

QBM Vending refurbishes used coffee, hot or cold drinks and snacks vending machines, bringing them back to the state of new with considerable economic benefits for the customer, who purchases a quality machine at a much lower price than usual market.

In addition, the vending machines refurbished by QBM Vending are rigorously overhauled and tested by highly specialized technicians with more than ten years’ experience, in order to guarantee a perfect operation as well as fast, competent and expert technical assistance for any need.

With QBM Vending, buying a vending machine at a competitive price is finally possible.